EvoCyte is a UK and Ireland distributor of innovative South Korean exosome biotechnology, medical devices, and cosmeceuticals.



EvoCyte is your gateway to cutting-edge South Korean biotechnology, cosmeceuticals, and medical devices, with exclusive distribution rights from manufacturing companies leading the way in regenerative aesthetics and cosmetic dermatology, allowing you to access the latest innovations in the fiercely competitive aesthetics market.

EvoCyte is more than just a distribution company; it’s a powerful collaboration between industry leaders Michael Kane and Dr. Damree. With a combined legacy of 30 years in business and a decade of expertise in aesthetic plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology, fueled by cutting-edge South Korean biotech, medical devices, and cosmeceuticals, EvoCyte brings the future of regenerative aesthetics to your fingertips.

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World’s First MultiPulsed Microneedling RF Platform with Patented Advanced Cooling System.

Advanced technologies like ACS, IPRS, IECS, and MDCS enhance treatment safety and efficiency.

With the ability to utilize three handpieces (SMART, DEEP, EXACT), VIRTUE RF offers more precise depth and energy control and greater versatility for tackling a wide range of patient concerns.


Smarter, Softer


Cooler, Stronger


More Accurate, More Precise