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EvoCyte is your gateway to cutting-edge South Korean exosomes biotechnology, medical devices, and cosmeceuticals, with exclusive distribution rights from manufacturing companies leading the way in regenerative aesthetics and cosmetic dermatology, allowing you to access the latest innovations in the fiercely competitive aesthetics market.

EvoCyte is more than just a distribution company; it’s a powerful collaboration between industry leaders Mr. Michael Kane and Dr. Damree. With a combined legacy of 30 years in business and more than a decade of clinical expertise in minimally invasive aesthetic medicine, fuelled by cutting-edge South Korean biotech, medical devices, and cosmeceuticals. EvoCyte brings the future of regenerative aesthetics to your fingertips


(R)Evolution of Cells in Aesthetic Medicine

Next Generation of Regenerative Aesthetic Products & Medical Devices

The vision of our founder, Dr. Damree, has been to curate scientifically proven technologies that are pioneering the revolution in regenerative aesthetic medicine, cosmeceuticals, and medical device technology.

EvoCyte is a London-based distribution company led by Dr. Damree with exclusive distribution rights for four leading South Korean biotechnology and medical device manufacturing companies in the field of regenerative aesthetics and cosmetic dermatology.

EvoCyte represents the pillars of pioneering South Korean manufacturing companies where investments in research and development are amongst the highest in the world in one of the most competitive aesthetic markets. EvoCyte is the leading company in the field of regenerative aesthetics in the UK, being the first to officially introduce breakthrough exosome biotechnology pioneered by ExoCobio and innovative clinical solutions in regenerative aesthetics.

EvoCyte is the official and exclusive UK and Ireland distributor of ExoCoBio – manufacturer of the original, patented ASCE plus exosomes, with over 275,000 patients treated. ExoCoBio is the world leader in exosome for regenerative aesthetics, with more than $100M of investment in R&D, 45 registered patents, and global distribution. ExoCoBio has the only GMP facility registered for pharmaceutical-grade exosome manufacturing. The evolution of cells in regenerative aesthetics is at the core value of EvoCyte’s partnership with ExoCoBio.

EvoCyte is also the exclusive distributor of SHENB – a medical device manufacturer with over 25 years of experience in radiofrequency technology. SHENB has launched VIRTUE RF, the world’s first multi-pulsed microneedling RF platform with a patented advanced cooling system. SHENB is home to VIVACE, the world’s most awarded microneedling radiofrequency device, having won best microneedling RF device in 2021, 2020, and 2019 in the United States.

EvoCyte is also the exclusive distributor for Theraderm South Korea, which has over 25 years of expertise in cosmeceuticals and organic-based innovative dermatological peels. Theraderm conducts ground-breaking dermatological research at Samsung Hospital, Seoul, and has launched the world’s first Shea Butter exosomes peeling system for sensitive skin.

EvoCyte invites your clinic to join our mission and utilise EvoCyte’s know-how, technologies, and clinical expertise to deliver the most innovative and scientifically effective treatments to your patients

Michael Kane About EvoCyte

EvoCyte: Executive Director Michael Kane Introducing EvoCyte

EvoCyte: Executive Director Michael Kane Introducing Dr Damree

Mr. Michael Kane: The Executive Director of EvoCyte

Mr. Michael Kane is the Executive Director of EvoCyte, the official and exclusive UK and Ireland distributor of ExoCoBio, the manufacturer of ASCEplusTM exosomes, ShenB, the manufacturer of Vivace &Virtue RF best-selling devices in the US, and Theraderm, celebrating 25 years as the Korean leading cosmeceutical company

Michael Kane is one of the leading entrepreneurs in the field of business, with over 35 years of experience in many sectors of the international business arena, embracing motorsport, security, trading, and multiple investments. He has dealt with some of the major blue chip companies in the world. Mr Kane has business activities with his Global Trade Group of companies currently in Canada, Japan, the Middle East, Africa, and South Korea.

Mr. Kane identified the opportunity to be the first to officially introduce the breakthrough Korean exosome biotechnology pioneered by ExoCobio and the innovative clinical solutions in regenerative aesthetics, medical devices, and cosmeceuticals with Dr Damree. Mr. Kane is very excited to share this new business opportunity as our valued partner to build and grow our businesses together with you.

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Dr Damree: The Founder and Medical Director of EvoCyte

Dr Shameema Damree is an anti-aging & regenerative aesthetic medical specialist with a subspecialty focus on exosome biotechnology and a triple Board Registered Medical Practitioner in the UK, Australia, and Mauritius, standing as one of thirteen global experts and advisors on exosomes for ExoCoBio.

Dr. Damree introduced this groundbreaking innovation to the UK and beyond, becoming a reference point and an internationally acclaimed keynote speaker for exosome technology in aesthetics. Her groundbreaking work has graced prestigious anti-aging and aesthetic conferences across the UK, Japan, South Korea, France, and Monaco.

Dr. Damree’s unwavering mission is to remain at the forefront of biotechnology in the realm of regenerative aesthetic medicine, ensuring her patients benefit from the most innovative and results-driven treatments available worldwide.

EvoCyte: Dr Damree My Story

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