EvoCyte exosomes SRLV

Derma Signal Skin Care Kit

300% Increase in Collagen Synthesis and 100% Increase in Elastin Synthesis

for radiant, age-defying skin

Next-generation regenerative aesthetic face treatment powered by 5 billion Rose Stem cell exosomes harnessing the regenerative power of pure rose stem cells and various active ingredients to maximize inborn efficacy.

ASEplus SRLV has strong anti-inflammatory actions with the ability to downregulate inflammation in melanocytes, reducing pigmentation. EvoCyte exosomes has immune-modulatory properties and can reconstruct the skin barrier and rebalance the skin microbiome.

A course of treatment with EvoCyte exosomes SRLV and its regenerative, anti-inflammatory, and immune-modulating properties results in flawless, natural-looking skin with anti-aging effects.

New Era of Regenerative Anti-ageing Treatments

EvoCyte RSC Exosomes, the tiny powerhouses that carry the secrets of stem cell rejuvenation, give dormant skin cells the wake-up call they need to rejuvenate, regenerate, and brighten.

Bioengineered and loaded with high concentrations of synthetic growth factors, peptides, amino acids, high-viscosity HA, and a curated selection of vitamins & minerals – the building blocks of the skin.

Witness the astonishing skin transformation where biological age becomes nothing but a number.

EvoCyte exosomes SRLV

The fountain of youth – in a bottle.

Dr Damree Introducing
VIRTUE RF 5 Billion ExoFace Lift

Virtue RF

Flawless skin is your virtue.

Our groundbreaking ExoFace Lift treatment seamlessly blends the mechanical precision of VIRTUE RF – the world’s first multi-pulsed RF microneedling platform with advanced cooling– with EvoCyte exosomes’ bio-stimulatory properties, delivering unparalleled clinical results.

Experience the ultimate facial regenerative innovation: freeze pain, maximise skin recovery, and embrace advanced VIRTUE RF technology for maximum facial contouring and skin tightening.

Our Exosomes, Your Future


ExoCoBio is a global pioneer in exosome-based regenerative aesthetics and biotechnology. Our relentless commitment to humanity’s well-being drives our ceaseless research and development of next-generation cosmeceutical and biopharmaceutical products with the revolutionary ExoSCRT™ technology.

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ASCE SRLV Exosomes How to use.

Dr Damree Introducing Exosomes ASCE Products (SRLV, HRLV and IRLV) Clinic

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