EvoCyte exosomes HRLV

A Premium, All-in-one Hair Solution

EvoCyte exosomes HRLV

Scalp Rejuvenation & Hair Growth with 10 Billion Pure EvoCyte exosomes HRLV Rose Stem Cells Exosomes

Setting a new standard for healthy scalp & hair density.

Hair loss is a significant issue in our modern society, affecting over one-fifth of the global population. Treating hair loss is a challenge, and revolutionary professional care to tackle its causes effectively is needed.

Next-generation regenerative aesthetics is reinventing haircare with the RSC exosomes regenerative EvoCyte exosomes HRLV. A synergy of 10 Billion Rose Stem Cells Exosomes with over 45 active ingredients simultaneously revitalizes the scalp and hair. EvoCyte exosomes HRLV is the secret behind improved scalp care with increased hair density and thickness and improvement in hair quality and colour.

The New Frontier of Scalp & Hair Regeneration

EvoCyte exosomes HRLV, a revolution in haircare, harnesses the potency of 10 billion RSC Exosomes supercharged with 10 growth factors, biotin and copper tripeptide, promoting dermal papilla cell proliferation whilst reducing inflammatory cytokines.

This powerhouse combination is further fortified by a formidable lineup of 30 hair- and scalp-enriching nutrients, delivering premium care to every layer of the scalp, normalizing the hair cycle, and restoring a healthy environment that prevents and slows down hair loss.

True hair transformation starts scalp deep.

EvoCyte exosomes HRLV

Pioneering the future of
scalp and hair with RSC exosomes.

Dr Damree Introducing 10 Billion ExoHair

Virtue RF

Healthy hair is your virtue.

Our outstanding 10 Billion ExoHair treatment seamlessly blends low-level multi-pulsed microneedling radiofrequency with Red LED from VIRTUE RF – with EvoCyte exosomes, delivering unparalleled clinical results.

Experience the ultimate haircare innovation: embrace the synergistic effects of 10 billion exosomes with the versatility of VIRTUE RF technology for accelerated hair regrowth and scalp care.

Our Exosomes, Your Future


ExoCoBio is a global pioneer in exosome-based regenerative aesthetics and biotechnology. Our relentless commitment to humanity’s well-being drives our ceaseless research and development of next-generation cosmeceutical and biopharmaceutical products with the revolutionary ExoSCRT™ technology.

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