Celltweet Exosomes: the Powerful Skin Messenger

Celltweet is the futuristic skin care line manufactured by ExoCoBio. The ExoSCRT RSC Exosomes in Celltweet provide unparalleled stimulation of fibroblasts, leading to revolutionary anti-aging cosmeceuticals. Rose stem cell exosomes stand as the core ingredient of Celltweet, infused with a plethora of growth factors, peptides, the triple molecular weight hyaluronic acid, and other actives to firm, protect, and illuminate the skin.

Celltweet Rose Stem Cell Exosomes skin care is a solution for sensitized skin seeking anti-aging benefits. Look no further if you have eczema, rosacea, or psoriasis-prone skin. Cell (Skin) Tweet (Messenger) studies the various signals that the skin sends and constantly communicates with, and then creates the “happy signal” for your precious skin – tiny, ultra-efficient messengers that give your dormant skin cells that wake-up call they need to rejuvenate, regenerate, and brighten.

Celltweet™ Products: The First Stem Cell-Derived Exosome Cosmeceuticals

The complete product line from Celltweet is suitable for all skin types, working to transform skin issues, including eczema, rosacea, pigmentation, and heightened skin sensitivity, with safe ingredients of EWG green grade.

Each product is carefully designed using Rose Stem Cell exosomes as well as growth factors, peptides, triple molecular weight hyaluronic acid, and other actives to rehabilitate, protect, and illuminate the skin.

Discover the Celltweet difference.

Capacity: 170g / 70 pads

Celltweet Doubl: Double Ex Signal Pad

Exfoliating Toner Pad powered by 500 ppm ExoSCRT® exosomes.

Celltweet Double Ex Signal Pad contains 500 ppm ExoSCRT® exosomes by ExoCoBio. This double sided pad has exfoliating properties on one side, while on the other side, it is soaked with allantoin, hyaluronic acid, growth factors, peptides, and minerals to provide moisturizing and fourfold pore-tightening effects for stretched, widened, and deep pores. Satisfied clients attest that nothing rivals these soothing exosome toner pads designed for sensitive skin.

Capacity: 50g / 150g

Celltweet Firming Moisturizer

A next-generation anti-ageing moisturiser powered by 10,000 ppm ExoSCRT® exosomes.

Designed for a dramatic boost in skin elasticity powered by over 10,000 ppm ExoSCRT® exosomes, triple molecular weights Hyaluronic Acid, 3 peptides, and white tree mushroom extract. The formula fortifies the skin with essential ingredients like Sal Butter, offering anti-inflammatory, ultra-hydrating, and UV protective benefits. Hydrolyzed collagen and adenosine enhance firmness and reduce wrinkles, while Acetyl hexapeptide, Oligopeptide, and six types of ceramide leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

Capacity: 50g /150g

Celltweet Sunshine Cushion

SPF 50+ & PA +++ sun protection, brightening, and firming cushion.

Celltweet Sunshine Cushion is what Dr Shameema Damree has named as the “Rolls Royce of SPFs.” This treatment SPF has triple function. It harnesses hybrid UV technology derived from organic and inorganic UV blocking agents, with a sheer textured application and fast absorption, leaving the skin dewy while delivering protection from sun exposure. The SPF maintains the skin’s delicate microbiome using ExoSCRT® exosomes and peptides. Niacinamide brings radiance to the skin.  Celltweet Sunshine Cushion offers a restorative solution to sun exposure, calming even the most sensitive skin whilst providing anti-aging benefits.

Capacity: 28g / 10 Sheets

Celltweet EX Signal Control Mask

High-adhesion creamy-textured mask powered by 1,000 ppm ExoSCRT® exosomes.

These ultra-fine fiber sheet mask uses a unique transdermal delivery system to improve absorption of the patented moisturizing ingredient ‘Aquaxil’ into the skin. This sheet mask is ideal for soothing problematic and sensitive skin whilst giving a plumping effect.

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